Bamboo Farming

Moso plantlets in nursery

Resource Fiber is growing rapidly renewable bamboo in commercial farming operations in the Alabama Black Belt region creating sustainable regional economic development, industry innovation and associated new employment opportunities.

The company is establishing locally grown, sustainably managed and controlled farming operations to serve as the company’s strategic raw bamboo fiber material source.  This includes the following:

  • Engaging with farmers and landowners to create opportunities to participate in the bamboo industry supply chain;
  • Facilitating crop establishment and off-take agreements for farmers and landowners beginning in 2019;
  • Collaborating with farmers/landowners and research and development resources to improve cultivation protocols and drive high productivity and sustainable crop performance;

Resource Fiber anticipates significant expansion of projects over time in additional industry sectors. Those sectors include, but are not limited to, industrial building products, fiber production, and bamboo biocomposites.

We are approaching the development of the bamboo industry in a unique way – committing significant corporate resources to the development of foundational components critical to the creation of an expandable and sustainable industry.

Examples of this include our focus on the development and execution of a comprehensive research and development strategy, engagement with farmers and landowners, inclusion of educational elements within our farms and manufacturing facilities, close engagement with economic and community development, and promotion of leading sustainable building principles and practices in our facilities.

For more information, visit Sustainable Crop Management or contact us.

Committed to the Triple Bottom Line

The company is built on the tenets of the Triple Bottom Line whose foundation is based on the well-being of the people and communities where the company conducts its business (people), sound and sustainable environmental practices (planet), and sterling financial performance (profit).