Education + Community Engagement

Lillie Mack of York,
Black Belt scarf designer

Underpinning its innovative business objectives, Resource Fiber is facilitating regional sustainability by creating opportunities for shared social, economic and ecological benefits.

Resource Fiber recognizes that its success is dependent on the advancement of opportunities for improved quality of life among those Black Belt and surrounding communities who work with and support the company’s activities. The company is demonstrating its commitments to social, economic and ecological sustainability by developing programs to engage communities and grow collaborative partnerships.

With the support of public/private partnerships with regional college, university and training institutions, Resource Fiber is devoting resources to on-site, in-field and on-campus programs which will provide training and career advancement opportunities for persons at entry-level, mid-career, and executive leadership levels. Currently the company is collaborating with Auburn University, The University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham and University of Tennessee on specific projects.

Resource Fiber is designing programs and associated curricula to serve the following:

  • interdisciplinary college and university curricula and field “service learning” programs;
  • research and development projects;
  • job training and career-counseling programs;
  • local and regional community partnerships;
  • industry and business networking and collaboration (via regional sustainability summits).

Resource Fiber is uniquely qualified to bring such innovation to its business and industry activities. The leadership team represents many years of regional / international interdisciplinary experiences spanning: business and entrepreneurial development; academic and research pursuits; leadership, management and finance responsibilities; and community engagement among other pertinent areas. 

Committed to the Triple Bottom Line

The company is built on the tenets of the Triple Bottom Line whose foundation is based on the well-being of the people and communities where the company conducts its business (people), sound and sustainable environmental practices (planet), and sterling financial performance (profit).