Resource Fiber is grateful for the support of the following Alabama State agencies.  In addition, we are pleased to collaborate with five prestigious Alabama universities on research and development, new product development and advanced and innovative manufacturing processes for the commercialization of bamboo fiber for new and existing industries.


“…The phased-in approach to implementing your vertical strategy for bamboo and bamboo products makes your company unique among others to whom we have spoken.  What you are proposing is consistent with our economic development strategy known as Accelerate Alabama.  Forestry products represent one of eleven targeted industry sectors and bamboo is specifically recognized for its application as a sustainable building product, a feedstock source, a bioenergy source and a source of pulp for paper products. “

Greg Canfield
Secretary of Commerce
State of Alabama, Department of Commerce



“…I am impressed with Resource Fiber’s approach to the development of the bamboo industry.  Your focus on the execution of a comprehensive research and development strategy, engagement with farmers and landowners, inclusion of educational elements within your farms and manufacturing facilities, and promotion of sustainable building principles and best practices in your facilities, shows a commitment to both people and building a profitable business.”

Jim Byard, Jr.
Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs


“…the location of a bamboo fiber-based agricultural and industrial complex in the Black Belt region and surrounding area would be a positive impact for Alabama.  As Commissioner, I support any agribusiness endeavor that creates job opportunities for our state.  I am available to assist you in any way our department can be supportive.”

John McMillan
State of Alabama, Department of Agriculture & Industries



“….The USDA/Farm Service Agency is in full support of any agribusiness such as Resource Fiber that fosters job opportunities, remains mindful of environmental sensitivity and establishes green practices, including market outlets for farmers and ranchers.  Resource Fiber is the type of emerging business this Administration continues to advocate.  Again, the Alabama USDA/FSA pledges its full support.

Daniel Robinson
Alabama State Executive Director, FSA
United States Department of Agriculture


Committed to the Triple Bottom Line

The company is built on the tenets of the Triple Bottom Line whose foundation is based on the well-being of the people and communities where the company conducts its business (people), sound and sustainable environmental practices (planet), and sterling financial performance (profit).

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