Our goal is to be a Climate Positive company operating with 100% renewable energy as well as developing a bamboo carbon offset program for the voluntary market. Climate Positive is the state at which an entity is removing and absorbing more greenhouse gas than it is emitting. Fun Fact: it only takes 50,000 acres of bamboo to capture 6.5 million tons of carbon over 30 years.

We are planting bamboo to remove carbon from the atmosphere, restore ecosystems, and benefit the planet. Over a 15-year period, Resource Fiber is planning for direct and contract planting of over 54,000 acres of bamboo in the Black Belt region of Alabama. The Moso bamboo farms are estimated to sequester approximately 58 metric tons of CO2e per acre in the soil and standing (non-harvested) biomass while the Rubromarginata bamboo farms are expected to sequester an additional 239 metric tons of C02e per acre over the 15-year period. Resource Fiber intends to finance this project by selling its resulting carbon offsets into the voluntary market.

We adhere to strict social and environmental standards, including the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Our products are designed to be cradle-to-cradle and are being tested by the top accredited laboratories in the nation.